Inspiring Confidence in Our Neighbourhood

The ICON Fund has been established to facilitate micro-projects aimed at improving the life, safety and security of the community. It supports the development of innovative ideas and strategies in the field of community based crime and violence prevention. Creative projects that strengthen community protective factors or assets through inspiring confidence, pride and self-esteem in young people are encouraged.

There are four types of projects that can be funded: Situational Crime Prevention, Community Action, Youth Development and Capacity Building.

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School Based Violence Prevention  Grant

 The CSP has introduced the School Based Violence Prevention Programme which provides grants for a school seeking to address its safety and violence prevention issues.

The school is one of the most important socializing environments for children, since it is where they spend a great deal of time interacting with teachers and peers. However, the persistent spillover of community socioeconomic conditions and violence means that schools and their surroundings are no longer protected places, but share in the day-to-day violence of the wider community. The phenomenon of school violence encompasses all incidents in which any member of the school community is subjected to abuse, threatening, intimidating or humiliating behavior, or physical assault from a student, teacher, or staff member.

Schools are a key socializing institution and have proven to be an appropriate environment for effective implementation of violence prevention programs by detecting early onset and development of aggressive, antisocial behavior and averting or delaying the initial occurrence of problems. Projects therefore will need to demonstrate how they are reaching at-risk children and youth (students) and their families. 

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